Wednesday, December 31, 2003

Confession ...

It's come to my attention that the "market place of ideas ... gated community" line in the debut post was really the most interesting thing there. So, I gotta fess up that I did not come up with that on my own. As I recall, that concept was hatched poolside in Scottsdale, AZ by my pal Heather DeJesus.

Tuesday, December 30, 2003

What's This All About?

I just finished reading In, But Not Of by Hugh Hewitt. The subtitle to this book is "A Guide to Christian Ambition." The basic gist of the book is that it is important for Christians to seek positions of influence in America. Mr. Hewitt says that one of the first steps to being a person of influence is participating in the public discourse. Thanks to the Internet, the Market Place of Ideas is not such a gated community as it once was. Mr. Hewitt recommends blogging as a great way to start sharing ideas with the public. He believes that if you write something interesting, people will find it. So, that's why Banshee Blog was born.

Don't worry. Despite that serious intro, this is not gonna be a blog that only covers the heavy issues of our day. I think about all kinds of things, so all kinds of things will be going on this blog. Politics and cultural issues will likely make regular appearances. Sports will certainly be a regular topic since I think about that more than probably anything else. My co-hosts at this site will likely provide variety in topics as well.

Is this gonna last?
I'm assuming that anyone who is actually reading this posting is already a friend of mine. If so, you are probably aware that this is not my first attempt to maintain a website. You are probably also aware that those other attempts were not particularly successful. However, I have some ideas to change all that this time around. First of all, all the technical stuff is taken care of thanks to Eblogger. Second, I have a couple of cohorts to help me this time around. I've got some other tricks up my sleeve, too.

Is this all you've got?
Yeah, this blog is a little boring right now in terms of format and being interactive. That will hopefully be changing in the not-too-distant future. I'm planning on improving my HTML skills and also upgrading my blogspot account as soon as they start taking new customers.

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