Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Banshee is Alive

Wild Banshee is not dead. In fact, the Banshee is not even sick. And, as you probably already heard on the news, the Banshee did not get elected pope.

In the time since the birth of this blog, Wild Banshee graduated from school, got a job, and then did the unthinkable crime of taking on some actual responsibility and stress at that job. Hence, the lack of posts. The next month is going to be even busier for me than the previous month has been. However, June should bring about a new calm in the Banshee's life. It is my intention to bring back regular posting sometime during that month. In the meantime, Banshee Blog's regular contributors may continue posting.

Wild Banshee will send out an email to this blog's standard mailing list when posting resumes. If you wish to receive an email and think you're not on that list, please send an email to Wild Banshee, and I will add you to the mailing list.