Saturday, January 22, 2005

Change is in the Air

I'm sure that some of you more avid readers have already noticed some subtle changes in the blog's appearance. But, some changes are more than just cosmetic.

Due to popular demand, Banshee Blog has adopted a new comment feature. Comments are now being run through Blogger. Pop-up windows are no longer involved. This should result in fewer problems for those of you using pop-up blockers. However, it will artificially inflate the hit counter. Another downfall is that old comments are no longer accessible. So, thus ends the fairly fiesty debate over Parenting as a Hobby.

Another change involves the Guestbook. Over the last month, porn purveyors have infiltrated this blog and attempted to make several new entries. If you followed the links to their homepages, you found some nasty stuff. It was actually my technically savvy sister who discovered this. All dirty entries have now been removed. In the future, no new entries will apear until they have been screened by me. So, if you try to sign the Guestbook (I do love Guestbood signings) do not be alarmed if your entry does not appear instantly. It's just waiting for my click of approval.