Saturday, January 29, 2005

Letter from Iraq

This is an excerpt from an email sent by a soldier in Iraq to his cousin in Florida. I did not change the punctuation or spelling. It is pasted into this post just as I received it.

"I know a lot of Americans feel we should leave thisplace and be done with it already, but trust me; our work is far from finished here. If we left now, this place would become worse than it was during the previous regime. Our Armed Forces are doing great things for this country, and it has the potential to become a great example of a working Democracy in the Middle East. The great majority of Iraqis here are very glad that we’re here. The problems are coming from Insurgents from nearby terrorist-controlled nations, not the Iraqi people, and if we left now, we’d be virtually handing over this liberated nation to a bunch of terrorist thugs! So, if we can convince the American people of the great need for our presence here, and obtain the full supportof the U.S., then we can continue and eventually complete this great mission to allow a new Iraqi nation to be born."

(Contributed to Banshee Blog by Heather DeJesus)