Monday, July 25, 2005

Disappearing Act

As many of you probably noticed, Wild Banshee has been on a 2+ week hiatus. I'd like to say that this can be attributed to long hours at the office or new commitments to volunteering at charities. But, neither of those is really the case. The Banshee's negligence cannot even be attributed to DIRECTV addiction since the dish only went up a few days ago. In reality, the break from the blog can mostly be attributed to the Banshee's love of sports.

From the very inception of this blog, there has always been a healthy dose of sports content. However, I have made a firm commitment to myself that I would not turn Banshee Blog into a sports-only site. But lately, I just can't get my focus off of the sports world. I know that during my absence the high court ruled that Americans have no property rights, that terrorists attacked our close friends the Brits, and that a new justice has been nominated for the Supreme Court. But, the Banshee's waking thoughts have been almost entirely consumed with the Yankees closing the gap in the AL East, Tiger's domination of the British Open, the Larry Brown saga in Detroit and New York, Dale Jr.'s struggles, rumors of Penn State's return to the top 25, T.O.'s threats in Philly and Ricky Williams' return to the Dolphins.

Nonetheless, I am gonna give blogging the old college try once again.