Saturday, July 30, 2005

Lynchburg Adventures

Soon after the Banshee moved to Central Virginia, Mimi passed along this website of Little Known Attractions in the Lynchburg Area. Today, the Banshee and Baby Sister set out with a Lynchburg city map in search the local curiosities. We only had a limited amount of time, so we chose 5 attractions. We looked for the Seven Hills Swingers Club, Chestnut Hill, the boyhood home of the inventor of the catcher's mask, the first area home with indoor plumbing, and the worlds ugliest building. I had been told by several co-workers that this entire site was an absolute hoax. After 3 hours of driving inside the city limits, I would have to agree that there is limited truthfulness to that website.

The only site we were able to visit was the world's ugliest building. I already knew where this was, so it was not a huge discovery. However, a close examination of the building cast some doubt on the history described on the site. As for the rest of the sites ... well, the addresses listed on the website simply don't exist. The addresses are on real streets that are in plausible parts of town, but the streets always came to an end before the we got to the house number.

But, the day was not a total loss. Most of our trip wound around through skinny streets in questionable parts of town. So, we found plenty of interesting stuff. We found a deserted warehouse on the banks of the James River. This warehouse is apparently in the process of being renovated into an upscale apartment complex. But, that paled in comparison to the discovery of the day. A couple blocks away from the warehouse, in a sketchy dead-end parking lot, Baby Sister and I discovered a 15 foot high, red, high heeled shoe. This shoe was truly a blog-worthy item. Perhaps, if the Banshee gains access to a digital camera in the near future, I will be able to get a photo on the website.