Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Weekend Features

The Banshee returned safe and sound from my Dixieland travels. For those of you who logged on over the weekend, waiting breathlessly for the usual weekend features like the NASCAR update and a new poll ... sorry to disappoint. Here is an abbreviated version.

Banshee Polling: The current poll asks Which is your favorite summer holiday? Since the weather is warm, it's hard to be dedicated to surfing the Internet for polls like this. As a result, the voting this week was extremely slow. Therefore, the poll question will remain for another week. Please be sure to vote. It means a lot. After all, when the government decides which holidays will be official holidays, they always ask Wild Banshee for her advice.

NASCAR Update: This week's race was held on Saturday night. At least, that's when it started. The Pepsi 400 from Daytona is one of the Banshee's very favorite races of the year. However, rain pushed the start time back until almost 11 p.m. The Banshee's mind was willing, but the flesh was weak. I admit that I fell asleep after only about 25 green laps. To check on the results and the new championship standings, log on to NASCAR.com.