Sunday, August 14, 2005

Banshee Polling

Poll Results: Banshee has been struggling lately to come up with popular polls. This week, Banshee Blog asked readers if they preferred movie rentals or pay-per-view. This was not a popular poll. 40% said that they preferred rentals. 20% voted for PPV. 20% also voted that both were good. And 20% voted that both were a waste.

I don't usually comment on poll results, but this time I just can't resist. I confess that I am disturbed that a reader of this blog voted that both movie rentals and PPV were a waste. The goes against everything this blog stands for. I can only hope that person voted for "waste" because they already make a point to see every movie in the theater.

New Poll: This week, Banshee Blog wants to know about your snacking habits. The question is: Which foods tempt you most?