Monday, August 01, 2005

I Am Sam

Last night, I watched the 2001 film, I Am Sam on CBS. While this film is certainly no way to cure the Sunday Night Blues, it is a very worthwhile movie. The movie is about a mentally retarded man who is desperately fighting through the court system to retain custody of his 7 year-old daughter. Sean Penn plays Sam, the mentally retarded man. Dakota Fanning plays Sam's cute and brilliant daughter. This was Fanning's first major role, and she really was only 7 years old at when this film came out. Michelle Pfeiffer plays Sam's slick, cold-hearted lawyer. All three give exceptional performances. Penn received a best actor nomination for his role. The movie is also extremely well written. None of the characters are shallow stereotypes. They are all dynamic, full people. Clearly, the audience will sympathize with Sam, but they will not see Child Protective Services as the enemy, either. Perhaps that is why the film is so touching. The audience wants Sam to be happy, but they also want to see his daughter get the care and education that she needs.

In summary, although this movie isn't particularly fun, I Am Sam is thought provoking and well worth the cost of a rental.