Thursday, August 04, 2005

What's going on?

Who could not have noticed all the women teachers who have lately been charged with being sexually involved with their young male students?

Today I was wondering about Beth Geisel, the Christian Brothers High School teacher who has been charged with the third degree rape of one of her male students. What could cause her and other women to abandon their traditional role as nurturers and become predators? What line of thinking would allow a grown woman to consider a child something to be used and abused just because she wanted to? And then it hit me.

Isn't this just another logical extension of the abortion mentality? When women have been raised to consider killing their unborn helpless children as something acceptable and almost noble, how big of a leap is it to think of other selfish ways to take advantage of our power over children? I can just hear the apologist now explaining how it was "her body" and if she wanted to be satisfied by a young boy, who are we to judge? Perhaps he's even better off this way.

I know this may seem like a stretch to many people but it is obvious that since the abortion mentality has helped women harden their hearts towards unborn children, all children are now more at risk.