Thursday, November 18, 2004

Double barrel firing

I have neglected posting about NBC's The Apprentice for several weeks, but tonight's episode deserves some discussion. The task this week was to design an in-store marketing campaign for Levi's. Before the task began, Kelly was asked to switch teams in order to make the numbers even again. He left Mosaic and joined Kevin, Jenn M. and Ivana on Apex. Kevin was project manager and led Apex to victory. Meanwhile, Wes took the title of project manager for Mosaic but did very little managing for the team. Maria, who has some background in producing photo shoots, took over complete control of the catalog design and photography. However, Maria lost control of herself. Maria's behavior culminated in a nasty, 30-minute cat fight between herself and Jenn M. Wes did little to alleviate the situation. Not surprisingly, Mosaic lost.

In the boardroom, Wes exercised his right to bring all three of his teammates in for the final showdown. Jenn M. and Andy never seemed to be in danger. Maria continued to have a meltdown, and Wes was unable to explain away his inability to control Maria during the task. The Donald fired Maria. Then, in an unexpected turn of events, the Donald also fired Wes. Clearly a re-shuffle will be needed again this week to balance out the numbers.