Thursday, November 04, 2004

More Election Thoughts

Yesterday I felt a feeling of great relief and of gratitude. I was thankful that the Lord had allowed our nation to be led by George W. Bush for another four years. Yesterday was a day of reflection and graciousness.

Today is another day. Today is a day of analysis ... and a little gloating.

Historic victory. George W. Bush did not win by an enormous margin in either the popular vote or in the electoral college. However, there is no room for the whining about an illegitimate President that the liberals have been subjecting the nation to for the last four years. George Bush garnered more votes than any candidate in our nation's history. More votes even than the beloved Gipper. Bush also became the first President to get a majority of the popular vote since the first George Bush did it back in 1988. This is a feat that Bill Clinton could never achieve.

Conservative mandate. The Presidency was not the only thing Americans were voting on this past Tuesday. Americans were also electing governors, representatives and senators. And the American people spoke out in a loud and clear voice. The party of Reagan and Bush dismantled the Democrats. The GOP expanded their edge in the Senate. The tally in the Senate is now 55 Republicans, 44 Democrats and 1 Independent. The Republican party also expanded their lead in the House. The GOP picked up 11 House seats and now enjoys a 234 to 200 majority with 1 Independent. So, not only did our nation re-elect our conservative President, but the electorate also swept out a series of congressional Democrats and replaced them with Republicans.

Job Search. Let the job search begin for Senator Edwards and Senator Daschle. Edwards gave up his North Carolina seat -- partly because of his campaigning and partly because he was likely to lose. Puff Daschle, on the other hand, just took it on the chin from the challenger John Thune in the South Dakota race. So, the Dems in the Senate that managed to hold onto their seats this time around will have to choose a new leader come January.

Take that liberals. I have to admit that I took great enjoyment in watching my liberal friend suffer through George Bush's victory speech yesterday afternoon. She muttered some of the typical anti-Bush nonesense. And I just smiled. I no longer felt like I was some rebel outcast with my conservative views. I felt a great sense of community with the 59,373,619 other Americans who also voted for George W. Bush and helped advance the Republican agenda in Congress. And, it was nice to know that my friend and those who think like her are virtually powerless right now in American and will likely remain so for quite some time.