Friday, November 26, 2004

Holiday Traditions

As far as I'm concerned today marks the first day of the Christmas season. I spent much of the morning and afternoon decorating and preparing for holiday cheer. And nothing adds to holiday joy like the great traditions that we have all developed over the years. Every family has it's own special ways of celebrating Christmas and the New Year. Some traditions last forever and some change and evolve.

Since Christmas is a perfect time for sharing, Wild Banshee is calling on each of you to share some of your family's Christmas traditions. It can be special foods. Decorations. Activities. It can also be things you remember from doing on Christmases from your past.

Please send these contributions to Wild Banshee. On Saturday, December 18, I will put together a compilation of the stories and notes that I have recieved and post them on this blog. And don't worry. I will be reminding you all periodically about this project.