Saturday, November 20, 2004

Why the lock out must end

News flash, sports fans: There is currently a lock out in the NHL. Normally, professional hockey games are being played at this time of year. This year, there are no games and the handwriting on the wall indicates that there won't be any hockey games at all this season.

Has anyone noticed? The answer is mostly, "No." But after watching the bizarre brawl at the Pistons' game last night, I'm beginning to think that the American sports world might actually need the return of the NHL.

As the Pater Familias pointed out, this kind of thuggish brawling is the sort of thing we expect at a hockey game. Hmmm. Perhaps this fight between players and fans really had nothing to do with the hard foul on Ben Wallace. Perhaps this was a case of frustrated Wings fans being forced to bring their WWE antics over to the Palace at Auburn Hills since the doors are locked over at the Joe.

So, in the wake of last night's ugliness, I'm making a heartfelt plea to Gary Bettman. Please get your league back on the ice so that this criminal behavior can go back to the sport where it belongs.