Thursday, April 15, 2004

The Apprentice Finale

Tonight is the final episode of NBC's The Apprentice. In less than three hours, Donald Trump will utter the words, "You're hired!" to either Bill or Kwame. Although the final tasks are already completed and filmed, Trump's announcement of who will be his apprentice for the next year will be aired live.

It is the official, editorial opinion of the Banshee Blog that Bill and Kwame were the two best candidates, so I will be pleased regardless of the final result. Kwame seems to be the nicer person and clearly has superior education to Bill. However Kwame is saddled with managing the evil Omarosa Manigault-Stallworth (a veteran of the Clinton White House) in the final task. In last week's episode, Omarosa followed the model of her political mentor and told several out-and-out lies to Kwame. Omorasa's incompetence and deception could prove to be too great an obstacle for the Harvard MBA to overcome, but I can't feel too sorry for Kwame since he did pick Omarosa to be on this team. Bill, on the other hand, has to contend with Nick's laziness and some territorial resistance from Trump's permanent staff.

For these reasons, tonight's finale is too close to call. Therefore, I am not going to make a prediction as to tonight's outcome. In the immortal words of my father, "We'll just have to watch and see."