Wednesday, April 21, 2004

Teenaged Chick Flicks are Underrated

Today, I watched most of Clueless on USA. As I watched this film, it occurred to me that teenaged chick flicks are highly underrated films. Especially in comparison to their equally vapid and more melodramatic, "grown-up" counterparts. Unlike sappy Meg Ryan films, Alicia Silverstone and Julia Stiles movies do not leave the viewer with the lagging feeling that life is meaningless until some guy you don't deserve finally falls in love with you. Sure, the teenaged movies have their romantic aspects (such that they are in high school), but they don't have that I'm-almost-thirty-and-about-to-be-an-old-maid theme going on. The sillier, teenaged version of the chick flick is mostly fun. And, after all, fun is one of the prime purposes of watching a movie.

For this reason, I'm looking forward to the upcoming releases of 13 Going On 30 and Mean Girls. Mean Girls should be especially good because it stars Lindsay Lohan and features an appearance by Tim Meadows. It's also written by SNL writer Tina Fey.