Friday, April 16, 2004

You're Hired!

Last night, Donald Trump said these words to Bill Rancic. Bill, a Chicago native, chose to do his apprenticeship in the Windy City. Rancic will be paid $250,000 next year to oversee the building of a new, downtown skyscraper.

Kwame Jackson, the runner-up, was indeed undone by his terrible supporting staff. Omarosa sabotaged the team's efforts, and Heidi was barely competent. In the final board room, Trump made it very clear that both Kwame and Bill were excellent candidates. In the end, the fact that Kwame allowed Omarosa to lie to him on two separate occassions seemed to be the deciding factor. That appeared to Trump to be a sign of weak leadership.

I think that over the 13-week ordeal, Bill Rancic proved to be the most deserving candidate, and I am sure the Kwame Jackson also has a bright future ahead of him.