Sunday, April 18, 2004

Banshee Blog Polling Battle

This week's Drama in Sports poll turned out to be the most popular poll in Banshee Blog's brief history. In fact, this week's poll received more than twice as many votes as any previous poll.

Banshee Blog voters chose the World Series as the professional sports championship that carries the most emotion. The World Series received 12 votes. The Daytona 500 had a surprisingly strong showing. The Daytona 500 received 11 votes. The Super Bowl and the Stanley Cup each received 2 votes. The NBA Finals and golf's majors were both shut out.

That ends Round 1. Now on to Round 2.

Since there were so many comments about amateur sports being far more dramatic than professional championships, this week's poll allows voters to choose which NCAA championship they believe carries the most emotion. Then, in true sports fashion, the two winners will face each other in next week's poll.

Hopefully the next two weeks' polls will generate as much excitement and activity as this week's poll.