Saturday, December 04, 2004

Ivana Gets the Axe

Ivana finally got eliminated from The Apprentice on Thursday night. And, boy, was that ever overdue! The best part of the whole thing is that the Jennifer, the woman Ivana hates most, remains.

When the week began, there were only five players remaining. Apex had 3 members: Ivana, Kevin and Kelly. Kelly was exempt from firing due to leading his team to victory last week. Apex made Ivana their project manager. Mosaic had only two members: Sandy and Jennifer -- two women who had screeched at each other in the previous week's boardroom.

The task this week was two-fold. It involved the production and sale of Mars' new candy bar, the M-azing bar. It is a candy bar with some sort of M&M's in it. On the first day, the teams had to operate an assembly line with only their members and produce as many bars as they could that would pass Mars' quality inspection. On day two, the teams had to sell the bars they produced on the streets of New York. Whichever team brought in the most money would win.

Despite having an extra team member, Apex produced only marginally more bars than Mosaic. Therefore, the competition really came down to who could sell their bars for the most money. Mosaic decided to capitalize on their good looks and dawn the persona of the M&M sisters. So, the two comely blondes took to the streets in slinky tank tops, mini skirts and heels. They really did look almost like twins. Their good looks and their cute demeanor allowed the women to sell their bars for an average price of nearly $5 a bar. And they did all this while being very mindful of not crossing over into a slutty presentation.

Meanwhile, Apex staked out a spot near the top of a subway escalator on Wall Street. They used a pretty standard carnival barker approach. And it worked to moderate success. However, they were only selling their bars for $2 at the start. Kevin was having no success at that price and dropped his price to only $1 without getting approval from Ivana. Aside from this, it was a pretty uneventful outing for Apex until Ivana was told by a pedestrian that two attractive women were selling the same thing for $5 just a few blocks away.

At this point Ivana, who has been exhibiting extreme and irrational jealousy of Jennifer's good looks for weeks, lost all perspective on the situation. After strolling down to check out Mosaic's outfits, Ivana decided to take desperate measures. She started approaching men and telling them she'd drop her skirt if they'd pay $20 for a chocolate bar. She had two takers and dropped her skirt twice. Granted, Ivana's panties were of the boys shorts variety, but you could see the handwriting on the wall as Caroline observed these antics.

Despite this desparate display of exhibitionism by Apex, Mosaic came out way ahead. Kevin took a little heat in the boardroom for dropping the price without approval. But, as usual, the finger was pointed at the project manager. It certainly didn't help that Ivana had used a strip-tease as part of her marketing plan. In the end, Ivana's only defense was her claims that both Jen and Sandy were superficial and worse players than her. But as Trump astutely pointed out, those girls won and were not in the boardroom to be fired. Then the Donald said the words I've been longing to hear. He slapped the table and said, "Ivana, you're fired."