Saturday, December 11, 2004

Real Life Hero

Okay, I have to admit that I first heard this story on the radio and that the only verification I can find on the Internet comes from the National Enquirer. Nontheless, I choose to believe this is true.

Sometime last week, actress Kirstie Alley was walking her dogs in a Los Angeles park. Ms. Alley is still quite recognizeable, but she has gained a substantial amount of weight since she achieved celebrity status on the sitcom Cheers. While she was minding her own business in the park, some 20-something year-olds decided that Ms. Alley needed to have her weight gain pointed out to her. The bullies were quoted as saying, "Hey, you're the chick from 'Cheers' . . . Man, you really packed on the pounds since then!" and other such fat comments. Poor Kirstie was embarrassed by the taunting and tried to hurry her dogs back to her SUV. But, the punks wouldn't leave her alone and continued to harrass Alley until a muscular man stepped up and asked, "You boys have a problem?" That man ... Vin Diesel.

Diesel told the wanna be tough-guys, "I think you boys owe this lady an apology." Of course, they obeyed. No one defies Richard B. Riddick.