Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Ask Banshee

Dear Banshee,

What do you think of internet dating services? Are they dangerous, desperate, or a waste of time???

~ Wired


Dear Wired,

This is a topic that has puzzled me for quite some time. Dating services in general make me skiddish. You never know who you might be interacting with. This seems even more true with the Internet. That 27 year-old with an MBA and a love of children could be any slob in a sweaty tee shirt down in their basement. My gut reaction is that it's just kind of a weird thing to do.

However, Wild Banshee firmly believes in giving more weight to facts and history than to emotional hunches. One of my college roommates and one of my cousins found the loves of their lives online. They are now living in wedded bliss. One of my other close friends is also involved in a serious relationship with a girl he met through the Internet (though I don't believe a match-making service was involved).

One advantage to meeting a person online is that a couple has the opportunity to get to know each other through corespondance before anything physical starts to mess with their thought process. So, I'd have to say that Internet dating services are no worse than any other spouse finding technique.

~ Wild Banshee

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