Friday, March 04, 2005

Crazy Monkeys

I have never liked monkeys. I have always thought they were creepy and dangerous. This week, I got confirmation of that fact. I also got confirmation of the fact that some animal lovers are just plain crazy.

Earlier this week, there was a vicious chimpanzee attack at the Animal Haven Ranch near Los Angeles, CA. A Bakersfield man had most of his face ripped off by two chimpanzees. The man will likely loose his foot, and he also sustained serious damage to his nether regions. The man's wife also received serious injuries to her hand. A representative of the California Department of Fish and Game said, "It was a very bloody attack, indeed."

Saint James Davis and his wife LaDonna (yeah, those are their real names) were visiting the Animal Haven Ranch so that they could deliver a birthday cake to their former pet chimp, Moe. Moe is no longer living at the Davis' home because Moe assaulted a police officer and bit off a woman's finger during his stay there. But, Moe wasn't the culprit this time. Sometime before the Davis couple arrived, neighboring chimps, Buddy and Ollie, escaped from their cage. While Saint and LaDonna were distracted by their birthday celebration, Buddy and Ollie ambushed the couple and brutally attacked them. The gruesome mauling ended when Buddy and Ollie were shot dead by a relative of the sanctuary's owner.

It is still unknown how the chimps escaped from their cage. It is also unknown whether Mr. Davis at any point exclaimed, "Get your stinking paws off me, you damned dirty ape!"