Wednesday, March 09, 2005

If the Pants Fit??

This is a saga that every woman can relate to and no man can ever really understand. Yesterday I decided it was finally time to get a new pair of pants.

I went to the mall and (this is no lie) tried on over 100 pairs of pants and found only 4 that fit. Now I don’t want you to start thinking that I just didn’t like the other 96, or that the other 96 were out of my price range. Oh no, the fact is that not even the most impatient husband could have brought himself to say, “Buy those, honey, you look just fine.”

And don’t be tempted to think, “What’s wrong with this woman’s body?” Trust me, if I passed you on the street you would not even notice me. I’m just average (for a middle aged woman that is). No, this is just another one of those inequities in life. Men can ask a stranger to pick them up a pair of 36/32s and they’ll wear them that afternoon. Women on the other hand need to spend an entire day out of their busy lives just trying to find four pairs of pants that fit and two of those will still have to be hemmed!

I’m trying to look upon this experience as another reminder of why heaven will be so great. When I get there I’ll simply walk up to the gates and say, “I’ll take that one size fits all robe please!”

(A special note of thanks should be given to my tireless and encouraging sisters who helped me find four pairs of pants that fit.)