Sunday, August 08, 2004

Banshee Polling

Poll Results: Last week's poll (actually, it was a two week poll) tracked the interest in the upcoming Olympic games from Athens. Although I believe that Banshee Blog readers are, for the most part, fairly avid sports fans there was little excitement expressed for the upcoming games. 87% of the voters said that they were not particularly anticipating the 2004 games. Only 12% responded that they were excited about this year's Olympics.

New Poll: What Olympic event are you most excited about for the 2004 games? All right, I know that we already decided as a group that we're not dying in anticipation for the start of the Olympic games, but that does not mean that most of us will not end up watching many of the events. I know that I certainly will. So, log your vote for which event you are most excited about. As always, comments are appreciated.