Wednesday, August 11, 2004

A Cuddle Craze?

For those of you who feel like you are shriveling up from a lack of human contact in this harsh, work-a-day world, Reid Mihalko has a suggestion for you: A Cuddle Party. The idea sprang out of Mihalko's friendship with several messieurs. As it turns out, professional messieurs have a difficult time getting massages, so his group of friends decided to have parties to message each other. Mihalko, who is not a massage therapist, decided that a similar concept could be adapted for his wider circle of friends. But, instead of exchanging messages, they just cuddled and talked.

Now, Mr. Mihalko has developed his cuddling into a booming business in New York City. If you visit his website, you can arrange to be part of a cuddle party. For $30 you can cuddle with friends and strangers alike. But fear not, there are strict rules. Pajamas must remain on the body and no sexual contact of any kind will be permitted.

I gotta be honest, the whole thing sounds pretty weird to me. But, the concept is obviously striking a chord with some people. Mihalko has been making appearances in the mainstream press to discuss the benefits of his Cuddle Parties. As a die-hard capitalist, I say, "Good for you, Pal. Cuddle your way to the bank."