Wednesday, August 11, 2004

A Time For Manhood

Duncan Maxwell Anderson's column in today's New York Post is fabulous. It's called "A Time for Manhood." In the column, Anderson asserts that all the discussion of national security and Kerry's war record are really a veiled discussion of manhood. According to Anderson, manhood is what this election is really about. Here's a brief excerpt:
Why does manhood matter? Because we're at war. What kind of leader do you want when armed lunatics are trying to kill you and your family? Do you need a master of nuance or a leader of men? Do you want Alan Alda or Braveheart? .... To state the crushingly obvious, war is a male thing. Even when directed by the occasional Maggie Thatcher or Joan of Arc, war is fought by men's rules, by men.

I say, it's about time someone came out and said this. Wild Banshee, for one, has not been shy about calling out John Kerry on his manhood. I know, I know, John Kerry served 4 months in Vietnam while George Bush was stateside in the National Guard. But I say that a real man would not have to parade his "band of brothers" around like some show-and-tell prop and would not have to bring up his bronze star in every other sentence. A real man would have the courage to stand up and directly refute those who are now challenging his military record and his honor rather than send out a team of lawyers behind the scenes to intimidate his fellow vets into silence. A real man would not look to the perpetually surrenduring French for guidance in how to conduct military affairs. And, a real man would have reached home plate from the Fenway Park mound -- as President George Bush did in Yankee Stadium in 2001.

Maybe I'm getting a bit carried away here, but I do urge you all to read Mr. Anderson's column.