Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Have they no shame?

If there was ever any doubt that Planned Parenthood's real agenda is not just to protect the right to abortion on demand but to promote and spread this evil, their newest product makes it crystal clear. Now available at the PP online store, tee shirts proudly proclaiming, "I had an abortion."

The shirts cannot actually be obtained through PP's website at the moment because they are sold out. However, PP gives instructions as to how to obtain the shirts directly from the manufacturer. Planned Parenthood has clearly turned its eye away from merely protecting the legal status of abortion and is now focused on normalization and social approval of abortion as a completely legitimate lifestyle choice. Planned Parenthood itself says as much when they, on the opening page of their website, quote the New York Times lamenting, "Abortion is legal — it's just not supposed to be mentioned or acknowledged as an acceptable option."

Perhaps these shirts are the final sign that there is no such thing as shame left in our culture. I wonder what other shirts we might see coming down the pike. "I plagiarize" shirts? "I cheat on my taxes" shirts? "I'm an adulterer" shirts? Why not?