Sunday, October 17, 2004

Banshee Polling

Results: Last week's poll asked Banshee Blog readers if they thought the electoral college should be abolished. For the second week in a row, there was a big response to the poll, proving that Banshee readers are indeed interested in more intellectual things than just fast food. Voters in this week's poll responded by a margin of 2 to 1 that the electoral college should be abolished.

Wild Banshee strenuously disagrees with the voters on this poll. A few years ago, I also believed that the electoral college had outlived its usefulness. However, I now see the great wisdom of the Founding Fathers and would be vehemently opposed to changing the Constitutionally prescribed method of choosing the President. More on this in the days to come.

New Poll: This week's poll wants to know if Banshee Blog readers read other things besides this blog. This week's question: How many books have you read for pleasure in the last year? Mandatory college assignments, etc. do not count. However, non-fiction certainly is included in this question.