Friday, October 29, 2004

Designer Kitties

Cat allergies may be a thing of the past -- at least for the wealthy. In the year 2007, cats that are genetically engineered to be free of the proteins that cause many people to be alergic to cats. There is a steep price tag, though. These cats will cost around $3,500. Interested customers can already put down a $250 deposit. These cats are just the first in a series designer pets envisioned by Allerca, a California company.

Another California company is offering cloned cats. The company claims that it has already successfully cloned kittens. They say they will clone anyone's pet for a mere $50,000. This is all reported at

This is certainly an interesting development, but I'm not sure that genetically engineered pets will be as popular as the designers hope. If pets turn into manufactured items, I think that we may lose some of our emotional connection with them.