Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Saved and Savior

Since the presidential debates began, the heated discussion over the two candidates' activities during the '60's and '70's has petered out. However, I want to revisit that issue just briefly. I found this debate particularly fascinating not because I think that 30 year-old actions either qualify or preclude a man from holding the nation's highest office. Rather, this debate fascinated me because it illustrated a fundamental misunderstanding by the Left and their media of what conservatives believe about actions and consequences. More specifically, the secular Left totally misunderstood conservative Christians' beliefs about grace and redemption.

I tried to address this issue on this blog, but I was unable to capture the real difference between the importance of Kerry's past actions and President Bush's past sins. Fortunately, there are writers with more wisdom and insight out there than me. Once such individual is Marvin Olasky. In the September 4, 2004 edition of World magazine, Olasky penned a column entitled "Saved and Savior." Whether you are a supporter of Bush's policies or Kerry's, this is an interesting and insightful piece. Please follow the link and read this column.