Saturday, October 02, 2004

Obnoxious Women

The ladies lost again this week on The Apprentice. This was the third week in a row that the women went down in flames. For the first time this entire season, Trump sent the project manager packing. So, it was Jenn C. who took the taxi home.

The task this week was to set up a restaurant that was then reviewed by Zagat's on its opening night. I didn't see the entire episode this week, so I cannot go into detail about what happened during the task. In the end, Zagat's didn't like the atmosphere and decor of the women's restaurant, so they lost. Then the fireworks began. The ladies turned into alley cats, scratching and clawing at each other in the loft as they prepared for the boardroom. Alliances were formed and racial tensions developed.

George was not in the boardroom this week. Instead, last year's Apprentice, Bill Rancic, joined Carolyn and the Donald at the judgment table. Jenn C. automatically had an appointment in the final boardroom since she was project manager. Jenn C. chose to ignore the performance of her teammates on this week's task. Even though Sandy was responsible for the furnishings that sunk the ladies, Jenn C. spared her friend. Instead, she took Stacy R. and Elizabeth into the final boardroom. Bill and Carolyn immediately saw that these were personal choices. Bill was particularly angered by the Survivor style alliance building. Trump quickly dismissed the smug Jenn C.

I'm glad that Jenn C. got fired. I knew that she talked too much about things she knew nothing about when she said last week, "Mike Piazza is like Mr. New York. Everyone loves Mike Piazza. Even Yankees fans love Mike Piazza. You can't not love Mike Piazza." First of all, no Met is Mr. New York. Furthermore, Piazza is not well liked by Yankees fans. In fact, he largely detested. If you wanna pick a Met that no one dislikes, you gotta go with Al Leiter. But, I digress.