Thursday, October 14, 2004

Men Finally Lose

After 4 straight victories, the men finally took one one the chin in this week's edition of The Apprentice. If the men were ever gonna lose, this was the week for it. The women had finally trimmed off most of their liabilities due to repeated firings. The women were eager to prove that the remaining members were a capable group. In addition, this week's task involved the fashion world. But, in the end, none of these things was a decisive factor. Pricing turned out to be the men's downfall.

This week's task required the teams to choose a fashion designer, oversee the design of a fashion line and then sell this line to buyers at a fashion show. I thought that both teams designed equally hideous fashions. The viewing audience did not get to see any commentary from the buyers. However, the buyers purchased $21,000 worth of orders from the women and only $7,000 worth from the men.

The clear consensus from the Donald, George and Caroline was that pricing was the problem for the men. That crucial task was left for the very end and delegated exclusively to Kevin and Wes. John, the team leader, was not even in the same building when these important decisions were being made. John had already left the design headquarters for the site of the fashion show, despite the fact that there was really nothing to be done at the show site. The Donald found this to be inexcuseable behavior from the team leader, John. For this reason, the Donald sent John packing.

The Donald seemed to think, and I agree, that John has tremendous potential. However, John did make a lot of mistakes on this task and deserved to be fired. It's a shame, too, because I would really like to see Raj get the boot. That guy has got to go. In other news, what was with the dress Stacy R. was wearing to their reward party? Pam Anderson doesn't dress in anything that revealing.