Thursday, January 15, 2004

Another funny Dem

I hope you all got a chance to see the video footage of John Kerry's "Puff the Magic Dragon" sing-a-long. Unfortunately I could not find a good link to either a video or a photo. In case you missed it, here's the story. Maintaining his rock-and-roll image, John F-ing Kerry, made a stop at Peter Yarrow's (of Peter, Paul and Mary fame) home in Iowa. While singing along with "Puff the Magic Dragon," Kerry really got into the performance and feigned a toke on a marijuana joint.

Perhaps the issue of whether or not Kerry has smoked or does smoke or approves of smoking the wacky tobacky is worth debating. But that's not what I want to discuss. I think the most interesting part of this whole thing is how hilarious Kerry looked while he "performed." I don't think I've ever seen someone look more awkward. Kerry has already proven that he has the salty language down, but he's going to have to make some serious improvements in his dance moves if he's trying to branch out to the MTV generation.