Sunday, January 11, 2004

A look ahead

Okay, this was not intended to be just a sports blog (although, I do think that a strong argument can be made that sports are the most influential and important aspect of popular culture in America). Hopefully there will be some pop culture posts coming up in the next week.

Unfortunately I missed the debut of The Apprentice this week and the replay this weekend, so my first posting on that unique reality show will have to wait until after the second episode airs.

As some of you probably have noticed, the two Charlottes at Inkwell have been having a lively debate/discussion of Mona Lisa Smile. I've been anxious to get my thoughts on paper about this film, but I realized that I should probably wait until I've actually seen the film. That should be remedied on Tuesday night.

This week, Quote of the Day will be themed. I'm taking this idea from my old friend Eddie Bednarz. Mr. Bednarz used to email a quote of the day. Eventually his mailing list grew to what seemed like thousands. He would often do themed weeks. I'm going give that a try myself. This week's theme will be about men and women and their relations with each other. Not too narrow, I guess. But, hey, this isn't a thesis proposal.

And ... (drum roll please) ... rumor has it that Mimi is preparing a new post. That should be appearing early this week.