Sunday, January 25, 2004

Kerry shining brighter than Bush in the polls

It appears that despite his French-looking hair, his bad dancing and his foul language, John Kerry is surging in the polls -- and not just the polls comparing him to his Democratic rivals. The latest Newsweek poll indicates that Kerry's Iowa momentum has propelled him ahead of George W. Bush. The poll results showed Kerry with 49% support compared to Bush's 46%.

For those of you who are Bush supporters, I post this as a word of caution. Despite the capture of Saddam and the apparent upturn in the economy, nothing is certain when it comes to elections. So, don't get lazy. However, this post is not meant to instill fear. It is perfectly natural (granted, I do not have scientific evidence from past years to back this up) that Bush would be lagging a bit at this time. After all, Kerry has been spending the last few weeks campaigning against Bush. Meanwhile, Bush has spent the last few weeks being President. Things will surely pick up for Bush once he starts his campaign in earnest.