Thursday, January 29, 2004

Stranger in a Strange Land

This weekend I will be attending the Washington and Lee Mock Convention. In each presidential election year, Washington and Lee puts on a mock convention for the out-of-power party. This year it will be a Democratic convention. I will be attending as a delegate from the great state of Florida. The festivities begin on Friday morning. A good number of big name speakers will be there, and supposedly there will be gavel to gavel coverage on C-SPAN. Unfortunately, none of the candidates are scheduled to make an appearance at this point (a mistake for Wes Clark, I think). The Ragin' Cajun, James Carville will be the keynote speaker on Saturday morning.

Supposedly, W&L's mock con is incredibly accurate at predicting the actual nominee. How this happens is a mystery to me since they allow a Pennsylvania Republican like me to cast Democratic votes as a representative of Florida. But then again, politics is a mysterious business.

I will be sure to keep all you readers posted. And if anyone has a pitch to make for a particular Democrat, please email or post a comment. I'm still an undecided voter.