Monday, March 08, 2004

Banshee Blog Promotion

As I write this post, the counter at Banshee Blog is at 864. Hit number 1,000 will be an important benchmark for this blog. Therefore, a promotional is in order.

If you are the 1,000th hit, Wild Banshee will send you a copy of The Embarrassed Believer by Hugh Hewitt.

I chose The Embarrassed Believer because I am currently reading this book and because I think that it will be of interest and of use to many of this blog's readers. Also, I thought it was appropriate for Banshee Blog to purchase a Hugh Hewitt book for the promotional give away. As I mentioned in my innaugural post, Hugh Hewitt's book, In, But Not Of inspired the birth of Banshee Blog. Therefore, I think it's appropriate that Mr. Hewitt should make some money (however miniscule his cut from a single book sale may be) from Banshee Blog.

What do you have to do? Keep your eye on the counter. It's located on the right hand side of the screen. If the counter reads 1,000, contact Wild Banshee.

So, keep coming back. Keep checking the counter. And spread the word about Banshee Blog to your friends.