Tuesday, March 09, 2004

Sports Shorts

Money can't buy everything. Specifically, money cannot buy health. When the New York Yankees set an all-time record this off-season for payroll, many fans and writers (particularly those in the Boston area) were screaming about excesses and inequities in Major League Baseball. But now it turns out that one of the Yankees' newly acquired and highly expensive stars may miss up to half of the season. Gary Sheffield, slated to play right field for the Bronx Bombers, jammed his thumb and may miss 2 to 3 months.

That's why they play the games. Historically, women's college basketball has not been noted for it's parity. Two perennial juggernauts are the University of Tennessee and the University of Connecticut. These teams are both having outstanding seasons again this year. However, both teams were upset in the semi-finals of their conference tournaments. This is a good reminder that games are not won on paper.

Tonya Harding back on the ice. In fact, Harding will not only be back on the ice, she'll be with the Ice. The AP is reporting that Indianapolis Ice of the Central Hockey League have signed the former figure skater turned boxer to play in their game against Colorado Eagles on Friday night. This isn't the first time that the Ice have gone the freak show route in order to sell tickets. In 2002, the Ice signed the 7-foot-7 Manute Bol to a one game contract. Bol never did make it to the ice because his custom-made skates caused his feet to swell. I guess we'll have to wait and see if Harding actually makes an appearance. At least we can assume that she really does have skates that fit her.

Civic minded sacker. Michael Strahan, defensive end for the New York Giants and holder of the NFL's single-season sack record, is reportedly seeking a seat on the Montclair Township Council. Strahan is a home owner in this New Jersey township. His platform will focus on preserving historic structures, improving recreation areas and controlling development. The election will take place on May 11.