Sunday, March 21, 2004

Not the Seer of Seers

Well, Wild Banshee has proved once again that she is not the seer of seers or the prognosticator of prognosticators. At the close of Saturday, Banshee's bold March Madness predictions were in ruins.

#1 Kentucky will not be the winner of the St. Louis region. In fact, Kentucky didn't even make it out of Columbus.

#2 UNC will not be the lowest seed that advances the farthest. Nevada, a ten seed, advanced farther than the sixth seeded Tarheels. In addition, Vanderbilt (also a #6), Xavier (a #7), Alabama (a #8) and UAB (a #9) also all advanced to the Sweet Sixteen. Meanwhile, the Tarheels will be watching the rest of the tourney from their dorm rooms in Chapel Hill.

#3 St. Joseph's will not be the first #1 seed to fall. Stanford and Kentucky tied for that dubious distinction. Stanford got knocked out on Saturday by Alabama. Kentucky got taken down by UAB on Sunday afternoon.

In light of these predictions, Wild Banshee has reconsidered her career plan to move to Vegas and become a full-time bookmaker. Instead, she will continue to concentrate on her legal career.