Friday, March 26, 2004

Random Post

The subject of this post is Archbishop Don "The Magic" Juan. I don't have anything particularly insightful to say about him, but I thought that more people should know about his existence.

I first learned about Don "The Magic" Juan while watching Jay Leno. Jay's guest was my boy, Owen Wilson. Owen was talking about the filming of his new movie Starsky and Hutch. Snoop Dogg plays Huggie Bear in the new film, and most of Leno's interview was spent talking to Wilson about Snoop's spiritual advisor, Archbishop Don "The Magic" Juan. You gotta follow this link to get a look at this guy. Owen Wilson says that this is the way Bishop Don dressed every day. If you think he looks like a pimp ... well, he is. Or at least was. Before becoming Snoop's spiritual advisor, Bishop Don was a Chicago street hustler.

At any rate, Bishop Don took a liking to Wilson during the recent filming and gave him a lifetime membership card (membership to what, I'm not sure). In addition, Archbishop Don "The Magic" Juan also gave Wilson some sage spritual advice. Chief among this advice: "No playa hatin'." Also, "Don't be fakin' moves."

I gotta get me an advisor like that, yo!