Friday, March 26, 2004

Then I saw them play ... now I'm a believer.

If there's one thing Wild Banshee prides herself on it is being able to admit when she is wrong. And, boy have I had a lot of opportunities to do that lately. My latest admission: St. Joseph's basketball team is good. Very, very good.

A week ago, Wild Banshee went on record predicting that St. Joe's would be the first #1 seed to drop out of the tournament. Instead, they advanced to the Elite Eight with a win over ACC power, Wake Forest. St. Joe's senior point guard and Naismith award winner, Jameer Nelson, absolutely dominated Wake Forest's freshman sensation, Chris Paul. Nelson truly looked like a man among boys. I would say that this once again proves the adage, "Age and treachery overcomes youth and skill," except that Nelson has plenty of skills to go along with his experience.

So, the boys from Philly will play the Oklahoma State Cowboys on Saturday for a trip to the Final Four. If I were forced to bet the house on this game, I would probably have to go with the Cowboys. But, this time around I'll be pulling for the Hawks.