Tuesday, March 09, 2004

Money Can't Buy Class

Theresa Heinz-Kerry, heir to the immense Heinz family fortune and wife of Senator Kerry demonstrated that money might be able to buy you influence, but it cannot buy you class. At a house party thrown in support of the Democratic nominee, Ms. Heinz-Kerry was handing out buttons describing Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld and Ashcroft as the "Asses of Evil." Don't believe me? This info comes straight from the blog on John Kerry's official website.

But, that's not the only low-brow content on Kerry's website. Try searching for the words f**k or s**t. Warning: if you follow the links, you will find obscenities. Keep in mind, none of the nine results are blog postings or comments by outsiders. This is all official content that is supplied by the Kerry campaign.

To be fair, I searched the official George W. Bush re-election website, including the blog, for those same choice words. Surprise, surprise -- the searches yielded zero results.

So, what was that about the "Republican attack machine" again? (See Quote of the Day from 3/3/04). I guess obscenity-laden, ad hominem attacks are Mr. Kerry's idea of high-minded, issue-oriented debate.