Saturday, February 19, 2005

Battlefield Detectives

Having your own blog is a solemn responsibility. Once you have an established readership, you must understand that your readers rely on you to keep them abreast of certain cultural developments. Therefore, it is my solemn duty to bring "Battlefield Detectives" to your attention. This show airs at many different, random times on the History Channel.

"Battlefield Detectives" dedicates an entire episode to a single military engagement. The show discusses the outcome of the battle. It also discusses the legends and traditional explanations behind that outcome. Then the show uses modern archeology and science to study what exactly happened at the battle and why that outcome occurred. For example, one episode examined how the terrain and the mud doomed the French at the famed Battle of Azincourt (the heroic British victory in Henry V). Another episode examined how the British radio technology was instrumental in the failure of Operation Market Garden in World War II (the campaign featured in A Bridge Too Far).

"Battlefield Detectives" is a good show for history fans of all knowledge levels. If you are already an expert, there are plenty of new details to stimulate your brain. But, if you haven't had time to study a lot of history, this show offers a good chance to gain a basic knowledge of some of history's most important moments.