Thursday, February 24, 2005

Weather Forcasts in VA

I've lived in Virginia for almost four years now. It's all been in the southwestern part of the state. During this time, I have noticed that weather forcasting around here is about as accurate in predicting what's gonna happen as the fortune cookies are at the Asian Cafe. I realize that meteorolgy is a tough profession. But, I think the guys around here should seriously consider adopting the old Indian weather stick as one of their primary tools -- you know, the one where if it's wet then you know it's raining, if it's white then you know it's snowing, etc.

When I woke up on Wednesday morning, forcasters were predicting 6+ inches of snow on Thursday. By the time I left work on Wednesday, they were predicting only about 2 inches. And when I woke up on Thursday, it was sleeting, and forecasters were predicting just a coating of mixed percipitation. This really is a brilliant ratings ploy, though. You have to keep tuning in to every single news broadcast because the forecast changes hourly in order to adjust to what is actually happening outside the studio windows.

Sample weather forcast from Roanoke:
Well, folks, it's snowing a bit. If that keeps up then we'll probably
have some accumulation. But if it stops soon, then we probably won't get
too much. Of course, if it warms a bit then it'll be freezing rain which
may or may not cause some difficulties on the roads. Either way, be sure
to tune in to our next broadcast in a half an hour so that I can tell you
exactly what's happening and explain to you that if the percipitation continues then
that will mean we've gotten more of the same.