Monday, February 14, 2005

WKC Dog Show -- Day 1

Today was day one of the 129th Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show. America's top pooches were gathered at the world's most famous arena, Madison Square Garden. Over 100 breeds are represented, and the competition begins by selecting a winner in each breed. Each breed of dog is also a member of one of following groups: working, terrier, toy, non-sporting, sporting, hound and herding. The winner of each group then competes for the coveted honor of Best in Show.

On day one, a winner was chosen in the working, terrier, toy and non-sporting groups. A great pyrenees won the working group. Next came the spunky terriers. Coco, the beloved Norfolk terrier, returned from maternity leave to capture the crown in this competitive group.

Jefrey, a tough Pekingese won the toy group. The non-sporting group was the last group of the night. This group is basically a mish-mash of dogs that don't fit in other categories. They are companion dogs that are not bred for any particular task. A Tibetan terrier won this group.

These four group winners now have the chance to compete in the Best in Show round tomorrow night. They will be joined by three other group winners who will be chosen tomorrow evening. It's unclear whether the extra day of rest will be an advantage for these dogs or if they will have a tendency to get rusty during their layoff. Jefrey has a strong resume, but it looks like Coco is the odds on favorite heading into tomorrow night.