Sunday, February 06, 2005

Kennedy on Meet the Press

This morning, Senator Ted Kennedy appeared on Meet the Press. I rarely see Mr. Kennedy or listen to him speak live. But whenever I do, I simply marvel at how entirely bereft of principles he really is. I certainly do not expect most liberals to say things that I agree with. However, there are many liberals who are committed to certain values and will answer questions posed to them. Mr. Kennedy is not one of those liberals. I cannot capture the essence of Kennedy in this post, so I will not even try. Suffice it to say that Kennedy will take any position on any topic in order to advance his own image or detract from the President's. The execution of the war in Iraq and the Social Security situation are just two such topics. And when challenged on his shifting positions, he simply makes something up or gives an entirely non-responsive answer. It is simply astonishing to me that even the citizens of the People's Republic of Massachusetts would continue to send this man back to the Senate time and time again.