Saturday, June 18, 2005

And It Just Gets Weirder

The Tyson-McBride fight is sort of like a car accident. Even though I know that I should, I just can't look away. And that's because it just keeps getting weirder.

This week, Kevin McBride, claimed that Mike Tyson threw an intentional head butt, tried twice to break his arm, and gave him a forearm shiver to the face. That's all old news. But, McBride also claimed that Mike Tyson bit his nipple during the June 11 fight. Yeah, you read that right. Of course, who should really be surprised? Tyson has had several bizarre biting incidents in his past. There was the famous munching of Evander Holyfield where Tyson actually bit off a piece of the Holy Warrior's ear. That was in 1996. But, there was also a lesser-known biting that occurred several years later. In 2002, Mike Tyson bit Lennox Lewis' leg at a press conference brawl in NYC.

One can only hope that Tyson is true to his word and stays in retirement. But, Tyson needs money to pay his tax debts, and as Tony Kornheiser said, "What do you think he's gonna be, Secretary of Agriculture?"