Saturday, June 11, 2005

Dispelling Some Myths

When Banshee Blog went offline at the beginning of April, rumors ran wild through cyberspace. And, as Wild Banshee's absence continued, those rumors only intensified. Now that I am back, I feel that I owe it to Banshee Blog readers to dispel some of the more prominent myths and rumors.

1. Pope. Since this rumor was actually started right here on Banshee Blog, I will address this first. Wild Banshee did not leave for Rome at the beginning of April in order to position herself for a run at the Papacy. While the Banshee is a product of Catholic school, I am also a female. That pretty much puts me out of the running. Therefore, I concluded that the airfare to Rome would be a waste. However, those in the know have told me that it it weren't for the girl thing I would have had the inside track.

2. Missing the animals. As the Banshee looked ahead at the second year of Banshee Blog, a cold reality did set in. Banshee Blog's animal celebrities, Coco and Smarty Jones, would not be in the news for this second campaign. A lesser blogger might have concluded that it just wasn't worth blogging on without these furry friends. But not the Banshee. After all, I can always post these pictures if we all get lonely.

3. Too embarrassed. Too depressed. Wild Banshee is living in a weird world right now. It is June 11 and the New York Yankees have a losing record. Dale Earnhardt, Jr. is currently not eligible for the NASCAR Chase for the Championship. But, the Banshee did not stop writing because of embarassment or depression. The Banshee's loyalties remain strong and hopes remain high. And, even if that were not the case, it is only three more months until football season, so it's time to start writing about that anyway.

4. Uncovering Deep Throat. No, the Banshee was not MIA due to being too preoccupied with unearthing the true identity of Deep Throat. That would have been real journalism. Anyone who reads this blog regularly knows that the Banshee is no journalist.

5. Ran out of material. Are you kidding? Just keep checking back and you can judge this for yourself.