Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Greatest Pillow Ever

We all know that the right pillow can really make or break a night's sleep. Who hasn't spent the night in a hotel where the pillow was either flat like a pancake or round like a basketball? Most of the time we really don't realize how awful the pillow is until morning rolls around.

Well, the Banshee recently bought a new pillow. And boy, has it changed my life! Prior to getting the pillow, I just assumed that it was natural to wake up with a slight headache and a stiff neck. Turns out this isn't the case at all.

The most wonderful pillow on the planet can be purchases at Bed, Bath and Beyond for under $50. I do not know the exact brand name because I removed the tag. But, the pillow is synthetic down. Basically, this means that it feels exactly like down but doesn't have any prickles poking through and doesn't get mushed all flat right away. The pillow is advertised as the ultimate side-sleeper. I think this is because there are actual side walls on this pillow. Those side walls allow the pillow to keep its shape under you without requiring bunching and balling. But, rest assured, the pillow still feels comfy when you lie on your back.

I realize that pillows are kind of a personal thing and that everyone has their own subtle preferences. But, if any of you are preparing for a new pillow purchase, I strongly encourage you to check out the synthetic down at Bed, Bath and Beyond.