Thursday, June 23, 2005

Rules Were Made to be Broken

The nation got good news this week when searchers discovered lost, 11 year-old Brennan Hawkins in Bountiful, Utah. The Boy Scout had been missing for four days, leading many news observers to give up hope. Now that Brennan is safe and sound with his family, I think it's okay to take a little look at an ironic detail in this whole situation.

A friend of mine pointed out the following paragraph in an AP report. Paul Foy reports:

The boy said he kept two thoughts in mind, both of them instructions from
his parents: Never leave a trail and never talk to strangers. So, when people on
horseback appeared on his trail Tuesday, Brennan pulled off the path and out of
view until they passed.

Staying on the trail might have ultimately saved Brennan's life, so I gotta say that the trail rule seems to be pretty solid. I'm generally a fan of the "don't talk to strangers" rule, too. But, parents, perhaps y'all should consider putting a caveat in that rule.

Proposed Banshee rule: Don't talk to strangers, but if you've been lost in the wilderness for more than two days, then you don't have to hide from search parties.